Articles and Resources

“Pinson pastor responds to conservative Methodists who led meeting on split,”, by Rev. Joe DeWitte.

“Why I’m not leaving The United Methodist Church,”, by Rev. Steve West [Also see the reply to Steve’s article].

“A Response to Thomas Lambrecht’s ‘Primary Reasons for Separation'” by Rev. Adam Hamilton of Church of the Resurrection UMC.

“New Methodist Movement” website, outlining a vision for starting a new denomination by withdrawing from the United Methodist Church, led by a group of pastors in the North Alabama Conference of the UMC.

Global Methodist Church – a proposed new traditionalist denomination advocated for by the Wesleyan Covenant Association and others.

An article on the “Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace through Separation” may be found at the United Methodist News Service.

The Elusive Promise of the Global Methodist Church,” David Livingston (blog post)

“Why Stay?” Video by Rev. Kip Laxson