Helping Your Church Stay UMC

In our United Methodist polity, churches are represented by a designated lay member or members to the Annual Conference. If the Protocol passes in its current form at the next General Conference, then members of the North Alabama Conference will likely be voting on whether or not the entire Conference will leave the United Methodist Church for a new expression of Methodism. This includes lay persons representing your church. These servants are identified by your lay leadership team and confirmed by the Charge Conference. We encourage you to be a thoughtful participant in your church’s nomination process so your congregation can be well represented as the North Alabama Conference makes this important decision. Perhaps you may even feel called to serve in this way. If so, we encourage you to let your pastor(s) and members of your lay leadership team know. If the position(s) are filled, you may wish to offer yourself as an alternative lay member to the Annual Conference. Whatever the case, we encourage you to prayerfully engage your church’s leadership nomination process.

Once your lay member(s) to Annual Conference are elected at your local church’s annual Charge Conference, it is important for you to stay in regular communication with them about your desire for the Annual Conference to stay in the UMC. They represent the best interest of your local church.

Additionally, lay persons can serve beyond the local church as lay equalization members of Annual Conference, including designated youth members. If you are interested in serving in this way, we encourage you to talk to your church’s District Superintendent.

Also, remember that we do not yet know if this expected vote will happen during 2021 or 2022.