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Who should fill out this form? EVERYONE who wishes for the North Alabama Conference to remain in The United Methodist Church.

Not sure what District your church is in? Check out the map here:
By "Lay Member of Annual Conference" we mean a voting member of the 2020 North Alabama Annual Conference gathering, not simply a lay member of a North Alabama church.
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See laity list here:
You may add your name later at any time by filling out the forms on the pages above.

* According to the proposed Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation, “an Annual Conference conference may, by a vote of 57 percent of the lay and clergy members present and voting at a regular or called session, choose to separate from The United Methodist Church to form or join a New Methodist Denomination.” If the Protocol passes at General Conference and a vote is called for, to remain in the UMC the voting members of the NAC would need 43% + 1 of members present to vote to stay with the United Methodist Church.