What Do We Expect at Annual Conference?

Due to the tragic COVID-19 pandemic, the North Alabama Conference will not have its regularly scheduled 2021 Annual Conference in person. Annual Conference will be held online as a two-day virtual conference on Friday, June 4 and Saturday June 5, 2021. Due to this unfortunate world health crisis, General Conference 2020 has been delayed for a second time until August 26 – September 6, 2022. The Protocol has therefore not passed as anticipated at General Conference, so nothing regarding a vote to leave our denomination will be considered during the 2021 Annual Conference.

If the protocol passes, however, we expect that members of the North Alabama Annual Conference will call for a vote on whether or not to leave The United Methodist Church. Assuming passage of the Protocol in its current form, we need 43% of Annual Conference members to vote to Stay UMC.

We are uncertain when a vote to leave the UMC may take place, but it is possible that such a vote could be taken at Annual Conference in 2023. It could also be as early as a “called” Annual Conference a few weeks after the rescheduled General Conference in the Fall of 2022.